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Specific zookeepers and conservation scientists around the country are assigned the job of maintaining genetically diverse populations.With an eye toward family planning, each of these matchmakers keeps track of one species.Herschel's seventh son, a bull named Mc Gwire, was born in 1998 after an artificial insemination procedure, a year after Herschel died.

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Mc Gwire now lives with Frida at The Wilds, a zoo in Cumberland, Ohio.

, kan du læse nærmere om de mange forskellige arrangementer, der tilbydes, i eller med Zoo. Zoo-tv sender nemlig live fra det nye elefanthus hele døgnet.

Many species of animals kept in North American zoos have fewer than 100 members in captivity, and many are closely related.

Outsider animals bring fresh genes, helping prevent inbreeding and disease. Louis Zoo in 1982 from a Dutch zoo, he was the hot new bull, soon to grow to 1,500 pounds.

Husk at gemme billetten, så du kan indtaste det 8-cifrede stregkodenummer, før du betaler i webshoppen.

Du kan også møde personligt op i Zoos årskortsalg med din billet. Bemærk venligst, at prisen for en almindelig voksenbillet kun modregnes, hvis du køber et voksenårskort eller et pensionistårskort.

To have Herschel still able to contribute to the population is a great thing."Keeping the genes fresh is key to how zoos make animal families. Louis Zoo needed a mate for a 3-year-old female tiger named Kalista, whose genes rank the second most valuable in North America. Mating among genetically diverse species tends to wipe out defective genes.

In human populations, inbreeding over time leads to genetic diseases such as Tay-Sachs, found most commonly in groups of Ashkenazi Jews.

If a population is dwindling, for example, a zookeeper might have to mate a bear with her uncle.

Animals of all stripes, it seems, mate with their cousins.

Now that his descendants are chewing cud in zoos all over the country, his number has risen to .156. As a whole, the species has a coefficient of kinship of .226. has steadily grown fond of the other tiger, and with the howdy fence down, he has been trying recently to get into mating position despite Kalista's shyness."Genetics is not the be-all and end-all," said Wilson. The most valuable member of the North American captive antelope species of Guenther's Dik-Diks is an 11-year-old at an American zoo she declined to name.

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