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During creation of a Full Clones Catalog, MCS still creates the master snapshot replica and Image Prep machine, just like any other linked clone Catalog.

Persistent virtual desktops have several disaster recovery options: Create Zones – This section details how to create zones and put resources in those zones.

In 7.9 and older, there’s no way to select a zone when connecting. Instead, Controllers in Satellite zones connect to SQL in Primary zone.

Desktop Management in a Citrix environment – Some environments try to use Citrix to improve desktop management.

Here are some desktop management aspects of Citrix that aren’t possible with distributed physical desktops: Persistent virtual desktops – Another method of building VDAs is by creating full clone virtual desktops that are persistent.

Full Clones are a full copy of a template virtual machine.

The Full Clone can then be moved to a different datastore (including Storage v Motion), different cluster, or even different v Center. For Full Clones, simply prepare a Master Image like normal. There’s no need to create Customization Specifications in v Center since Sysprep is not used.Each virtual desktop is managed separately using traditional desktop management tools.If your storage is an All Flash Array with inline deduplication and compression, then full clone persistent virtual desktops probably take no more disk space than non-persistent linked clones.All writes are cached to memory instead of written to disk.With memory caching, some benchmarks show 95% reduction in IOPS.In 7.11 and newer, during the Create Catalog wizard, if you select Yes, create a dedicated virtual machine: After you select the master image, there’s a new option for Use full copy for better data recovery and migration support. The Use fast clone option is the older, not recommended, option.

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