The future is a new adventure Nothing has stayed the same since I began this journey as Lucie.Looking at my life now, I will most likely retire from my medical practice and I see my future life as a new adventure, the author says.

She changed her views and her black and white world was transformed into colour.8.

Communication is a skill Communication is not just for workplace, it is useful in the bedroom, too.

Jealousy is not love Jealousy is often about ownership and control, not love. Sex gives you confidence and confidence makes you feel more attractive. Lucie started wearing lingerie and stockings and discovered that even when nobody could see the sexy underwear she was wearing, she still felt different. Sex and love Sex without love can be liberating but nothing replaces sex with a partner you really love. Everybody has secret taboos they are afraid to break Lucie was always ashamed of her attraction to BDSM, but under her alter-ego Adrienne she gives it a try. They moved at her pace and Lucie trusted her partner.

One of Lucie’s boyfriends made a scene whenever she talked to another man. He just liked to have a partner who did what he told her. Yes, there was loss of control - that was, of course, what was exciting.

Instead, she felt she was once again able to breathe and to rediscover her individual identity and enthusiasm for life.

Through a new relationship she was able to explore her sexuality instead of being confined to silence as she had been in the past.I am thinking about all the changes I have been through and suddenly life is full of choices. Life doesn't end at 60It turns out that life does not end after 60, either - and that is nice, isn’t it? I might do voluntary work, maybe helping other women who are not allowed or able to be their true selves. I finally believe that the world is my oyster - and that goes for every woman.Muttos is the land of vast mires and deep old-growth forests.When they are frozen during the winter they are perfect migration routes for both people and animals.But Muttos is perhaps best known for its ancient forests.The ancient paths follow ridges, which at times are the only places which one can travel.

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