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The most efficient way is to use the edit box in the toolbar.Some nice fields to remember:\r\n \r\n I find it the most efficient way to select the folder containing one artist and look if all the fields are filled.If you don’t want to use this, you can skip this part since XBMC can work without it.\r\n\r\n To add this field: go to Edit - Preferences.

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And as it’s a bit smaller, more music can be stored and thus preferred.\r\n\r\n To convert the files I use sound Konverter.

It has the ability to convert whole folders and copy the structure to a new place.

You can use the action I described in Setup – Actions to mass-move all the files to the correct place and in the correct format.

Once this has been done, you can add this folder to XBMC and let the cd ART Manager get your images.

To create an action, click on the lightning bolt (without the cube) and press the paper icon to create a new action.

Then you can queue functions which should be executed.

This could improve your collection a bit since adding this field can help you organize your files more efficiently.\r\n\r\n And of course every other field that could be handy can be added this way.\r\n \r\n To help you do repetitive things more easily, you can create ‘actions’.

These contain several functions called after each other.

In order to fully appreciate all the artwork that can be found here, you might want to organize all your music.

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