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Today’s the first day of May (Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month in the US) and it’s the perfect time to put out my latest call for submissions.

If you’re an Asian man and you have something to say about love and dating, I want to hear from you!

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I don’t need to tell you about the discrimination, you’re living in it. It’s a hostile environment, but the ladies are leading the charge, kicking all kinds of ass, and you’re not helping enough. Of course, you’re welcome to write about anything that you feel fits within the scope of this blog.

So don’t think of it in terms of modesty, privacy, or hassle; think of it in terms of picking up a fair share of the work that we all agree needs to be done. See my blog’s tagline above for starters or peruse my submit a post page for additional ideas.

If there is anything that you have to over come, it is the growing perception of America and American men.

With the revelations of child predators, sexual misdeeds committed by men, if the girl has kids, you've got two significant hurdles to jump over already. If she is comfortable, then her heart opens up all the other windows. Women have a 'check list' inside their mind and they go through it methodically.

This means there is greater responsibility on your shoulders. Some of the things that are right on the top of that check list are trust, honesty, and responsibility.

But the solution is so very, very, simple and will cost you nothing other than 10 minutes of your time and a few dollars. We see an attractive girl, and the message goes straight to our instincts and our glands. Everything else is subordinate to those three words.

I think it would also be a great idea for your blog to have guest posts by men who were able to overcome their f***ed up beliefs, gain more confidence in themselves, and what they did to find love.

Asian men, bros, let me have your attention for a moment.

We tell them of our toys, our cars, our 'stuff', etc., ad nausuem.

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