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Sex offenders who are supervised by probation/parole are required to register with those agencies for so long as they are under supervision.

Under 40-39-203(a)(2), regardless of an offender’s date of conviction or discharge from supervision, an offender whose contact with this state is sufficient to satisfy the requirements of subdivision (a)(1) of T. It could mean that the offender has been terminated from the registry after meeting the criteria for termination as outlined in T. Those sex offenders being released from prison should register with the Tennessee Department of Correction within 48 hours prior to their release from incarceration.

40-39-203, and who was an adult when the offense occurred is required to register or report in person as required by this part, if the person was required to register as any form of sexual offender in another jurisdiction prior to the offender’s presence in this state. Sex offenders should register with their local police department or sheriff’s office depending on where they live within the county.

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“Only thing she has is an email, but I keep track of that,” she said.

Robert Hamlin, who has a 17-year-old son, believes a social media ban for offenders isn’t enough.

James Richard, who oversees the Lee County Sheriff’s Office’s sexual predator offender unit.

“When there’s information provided that that’s really going on, it will be investigated and if they are found to not be in compliance, they will be charged.” FDLE has records of every sex offender and predator in the state, but did not have a list that included their online accounts until WINK News asked for it.

Probation officers have more leeway in controlling an offender’s social media use, Richard said.

While state law allows offenders to have social media accounts, Facebook and Twitter rules disallows such on their respective platforms.A WINK News investigation found at least 13 offenders in Lee County who have not done so.“I would like that list because the sheriff’s office takes it very seriously,” said Sgt.WINK News used the list to identify the offenders who did not register their Facebook accounts with FDLE, including James Horton, who was convicted of sexual battery. “The Internet, it’s a worry obviously,” Richard said.His Facebook page is filled with what appears to be dozen of underage girls from other countries. “People use that to either con children, make first contact. – What’s simple for many people – changing one’s profile name or email address for Facebook – can result in up to five years in prison for Lee County’s approximately 800 registered sex offenders and predators. Sex offenders and predators are allowed to have social media accounts in Florida, but must register them with their local sheriff’s office first.

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