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It’s really just depends on what were interested in and how easy it is to do. BLAST: Does he watch you on TV and is just shocked that you get to do what most boys would love to do?We also look at what is going on in the media at that time, for instance, balloon boy. KB: I don’t know, half the stuff I do, he’s like “I cant believe you even wanted to do that stuff, that’s nuts! He does all sorts of things that boys want to do as well.

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KB: That one we actually found through the viewers website.

We have, where we have a message board where you can send in your ideas, or if you’ve read something in a history book that sounds totally absurd, and you want to see if its true.

And in fact, it was so popular that we might be doing a Duct Tape 2 episode in the future.

We were so excited to do these, they were so great.

KARI BYRON: I was in kindergarten, I Was on the news. They had a little project that they needed a girl for.

He did this story called airplane toilet where a larger woman was using an airplane toilet and flushed before standing up and got sucked into it. They needed to make a mold of a behind for the experiment and I just happened to let them volunteer mine. They did a 3D scan of mine and I was able to work on it on a computer sculpturing software so I could learn the program. It is in almost every country and everywhere we go.

BLAST: There has been some speculation surrounding your relationship with one of your co-build team members Tory Belleci. Tory and I never had any relationship other than a friendship.

Is there any relationship other than strictly a professional one? It’s more of a sibling relationship, we pick on each other a lot.

Since then, she has shown off more than just her romper with risqu© photos in FHM Magazine, becoming one of the most fantasized about engineers of all time. And so I came to Jamie in the shop, M5 Industries and asked for an internship.

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