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And she was the first person I knew who really dressed up.

Everyone was grungy then, but Paula would swish into places smelling of beautiful perfume in tailor-made shot silk jackets.

From the time she began her first job at a New York City studio rag called Modern Screen, the renowned journalist has had a ringside seat for every celebrity story and scandal since World War II. Looking back, I just wasn't what the powers that be wanted.

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Who is rupert friend dating

I think this is because he cannot control a photograph the way he can control a conversation, and control is all-important to him. It is little wonder that his high-octane women friends such as Julia, Sharon, Madonna and Bianca Jagger all adore him so.

After attempting to amuse Lauren Bacall on a French film set with some torrid gossip one day, she told him: "Rupert, you are the wickedest woman in Paris."Like the George Downes character he played opposite Julia Roberts in My Best Friend's Wedding, his most successful Hollywood film, Everett really is the ultimate gay best friend. Just trying to take part."Jaded and frustrated with acting, Everett realises that he has reached an important career crossroads, and is considering a future as a writer.

No one else did that, expect maybe old heiresses from Gstaad and St Moritz."Elsewhere in the book there are portrayals of Hollywood divas of his acquaintance that are not entirely flattering, including the news that Julia Roberts is as skittish as a racehorse and that his great friend Sharon Stone is deranged.

"But saying that Sharon is unhinged is not rude; being unhinged is a prerequisite for being in showbusiness," he argues."It is to their credit that these women are mad and tough and incredible.

"I hung around the stage door at night," he writes, "with all the other freaks."Everett reveals that Dalle, whom he first met in 1986, was his last heterosexual conquest, admits that he still adores Sarandon and disagrees that his six-year, on-off affair with Yates, which began in 1982 when she was living with Bob Geldof, was the biggest shock in the book. I thought everyone knew," he says, and is unrepentant now about making the affair known to a wider public."I don't think Bob will be angry.

I think Bob would consider whether Paula would like to be in someone's book or not, and described, hopefully, in a sweet way," says Everett.But a few hours with the legendary columnist proves that's far from the truth.Despite a few aches and pains, Smith remains a wickedly funny and energetic observer of America's celebrity circus, overflowing with impertinent anecdotes and insider information she's gleaned as the Boswell of the rich and famous.In the gym clothes he favours these days, he appears fit and toned, although his body and head seem oddly elongated, with shoulders that slope downwards, making him look like a skittle. My phone didn't work this morning and I was screaming at the poor girl who helps me, then running down the road like a mad ostrich."Yes, despite his newfound interest in Buddism and chanting, it is easy to imagine that darling Rupert could be a nightmare, a queeny monster of the first order, and you certainly don't have to look far to find people who are startled by his behaviour.He usually drinks wine – "three glasses a night for 30 years" – but has been on the wagon for four weeks and today sticks to lime juice diluted with sparkling water."Mmmm, it feels really nice in the morning. Our photographer is taken aback when Everett makes the Norma Desmond-ish demand that he will be photographed only from above, before quickly losing interest in having his picture taken at all. And if he decides that one is going to adore him, then one is almost powerless to resist the scorching force field of the Everett charm; if he turns it up any higher I swear I will crisp to death, like a bee under a grill.So I don't think I have been a great lover, really, no. " he laughs, and then suddenly stops laughing."One of the qualities that gay people can have is that out of defence, you start laughing the longest and the loudest at everything," he says, his big, giraffe eyes now looking solemn."In the end, it is fatal because once you start laughing at everything, you destroy the mechanism for taking anything seriously. For the thought of Rupert Everett not taking himself seriously is very funny indeed.

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