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"It's really well thought out and really well executed [and] the cast is phenomenal." While we're dying to see Willam, Katya and Alaska return for a second attempt to win the crown, Visage promises we'll "love it no matter who's on it." Looking back at past winners, a list that includes Bebe Zahara Benet, Sharon Needles and, most recently, Violet Chachki, we had to ask: Is there anyone who won she wasn't necessarily rooting for?

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Ru Paul last year launched the world’s first drag convention.

Australia now has a nationally-touring drag festival and a drag queens, but not on that level — when they were polished, and smart, and funny and had a full act together.

The host revealed they got married last January on the anniversary of the day they met.

Georges has a 60,000 acre ranch in Wyoming, and according to reports they only truly get to see each other about every two months.

"[But] if I were there, I would have fought really hard for Raven to have ben the winner.

Still love Tyra [Sanchez], but I would have fought really hard for Raven to be the winner.

"I realize the same things I struggle with and struggled with growing up, these kids struggle with." Tips in the tome include gems like "Get Your S**t Together" and "Give Good Face." "Give Good Face is about keeping an air of confidence on the outside and showing everybody that you have what it takes," Visage explains.

She says her hope is for the book to "help the people that feel like they can't do it or can't get out of life what they want." Check out the full interview with Michelle above.

"I can tell you nothing," Visage half-jokes as we ask about the top-secret All-Stars cast.

"I can tell you that it is amazing and I think better than 'All-Stars 1,' because things are different," she teases.

We've been through nine seasons of face beating, wig snatching and death drops on "Ru Paul's Drag Race," with some shocking eliminations and even more surprising winners -- and with an eighth cycle and another All-Stars competition on the way, we're picking judge Michelle Visage's brain about some of the stuff you see on television.

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