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A-mei’s manager, Edward Chan (陳鎮川), poured cold water on the notion of romantic feelings between the two. “They’ve always been good friends and every year they wish each other a happy birthday.If there was anything happening, they certainly wouldn’t be posting it on Weibo!

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I’m fairly certain Taiwanese-American singer-songwriter-actor Leehom Wang is talented and considered handsome in some quarters.

I wouldn’t know because I don’t find him the least bit handsome or his projects interesting.

With my disinterest I had to play catch up understand why he was the hottest topic in the Chinese entertainment pages for the last few days.

Leehom has been plagued with being gay rumors since his debut and those rumors turned to pretty serious evidence for the last two years that he was dating Chinese classical pianist Li Yun Di.

After their “breakup,” things have reportedly been “awkward” between the two on the occasions they’ve been seen in public together.

But that hug last weekend may have rekindled the fire, the report said.

The superstar said in his micro blog today (November 27) that his girlfriend is named Li Jinglei, 27 years old, and studies in Columbia.

"I have been very lucky to meet a girl who I can hold hands with and who can enjoy a future with me.

Writing, recording, constantly traveling, “home” has been, more often than not, my huge suitcase I affectionately named, The Refrigerator.

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