Who is kurt warner dating

Kurt Warner is the ultimate second-chance story: the Hy-Vee stock boy who became a Super Bowl-winning quarterback.

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"A rarity: Showing the consequences That notion of wrestling with ambivalence may set The Moment apart from other reality shows that deal in wish fulfillment but rarely show the consequences of sudden, life-changing events brought on by the shows, said Beth Younger, a Drake University English professor who follows popular culture trends.

In 2010, the Wall Street Journal reported that five of the homes renovated by the reality show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition ended up in foreclosure.

"There could be conflict, but I didn't want that reality TV chaos that is so often, for lack of a better term, a train wreck.

We wanted to do something special."The Moment opens with Warner surprising Tracie Marcum of Alabama at her office, where she's an operations manager.

The program, which premieres Thursday on USA Network, shows Warner giving people an opportunity to pursue the career dreams they abandoned because of the compromises imposed by everyday life.

It feels like a perfect project for Warner, 41, a man who spends much of his time trying to spread uplifting messages through his Christian foundation, "First Things First.""It was very important to me that the show not be negative or mean," Warner said in a telephone interview last week.There is a Cinderella-like quality to it, but it doesn't mean it's going to be happily ever after."Indeed, of the nine episodes scheduled for the first season of The Moment, not every person featured wins his or her dream job."Sometimes it doesn't work out, and that's part of the story, too," Warner said."You have to learn how not to be defined by failure."Win or lose, the chase creates the kind of mostly upbeat melodrama that could lead to a hit, said Robert Thompson, Syracuse University professor of popular television."You don't have to have high drama — stuff like the Real Housewives series — where there are hard feelings and anger expressed, to have a success, but it is a shortcut to good ratings," Thompson said. You need people who can actually do the things they're dreaming about doing.Marcum had dreamed of becoming a professional sports photographer, but abandoned her quest when she lost her photography business in a divorce.The show pairs Marcum with Lou Jones, a Sports Illustrated photographer, who mentors her in a two-week boot camp in an effort to earn a tryout and interview with the magazine.Minimum 1500 pass attempts to qualify as career leader." data-filter="1" data-name="Adj Yds/Pass Att" (Passing Yards 20 * Passing TD - 45 * Interceptions) / (Passes Attempted)Minimum 14 attempts per scheduled game to qualify as leader.

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