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He is an excellent role model for the coaches and players."We wish Josh well, not only in the competition, but also in his coaching career. Scarcity of matches also led to the decline in interest among fans and players. The name 'White Stars' is historic dating back to the 1870's - a report in the Montgomeryshire Express in July 1879, talks of how the team won the North Wales Challenge Cup. Under the circumstances, what can one expect the committee of the club already faced with the task of reducing a considerable debt to do? There is however considerable evidence that the Druids, who played at Plas Madoc Park, Ruabon, were formed earlier.

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On Saturday 22nd October 1864, Wrexham Football Club played their first ever game against the Prince of Wales Fire Brigade on the Racecourse where we still play today. Jones Newtown had to fight much harder than the margin suggests.

It was advertised that the game was to be fifteen-a-side, but it turned out to be a ten-a-side game 'which resulted in an easy victory for the Fire Brigade, they winning the two first goals out of three.'"What did cause us concern was the fact that we could not find any record to matches played between 18, but we also found no record of any football being played at that time in the newspaper. Welshpool were striving for an equaliser, when just 1v0 down, fifteen minutes before the end. Jones and pushed through to Nicholls, who crashed in a terrific drive which gave Guppy, in the visiting goal, little chance of saving.

On Monday evening last, an adjourned meeting of persons favourable to football was held at the Lion Hotel, for the purpose of forming a united football club for the town. Some misapprehension was abroad that if the cup was won by any one club three years in succession it became their property. Abermule Wanderers, Winners of the Welshpool Knockout Competition, beating The Eagles 1v0. Brian had the honour/pleasure of playing in the opening match at Latham Park in September 1951, and the Robins of the 50s and 60s used the 'Magic Potion' to full effect until the emergence of the modern sprays took over. The County Times on the 28th August stated that Ted had accepted the offer of becoming player coach at Newtown.

Such, however, was not the case, for if it were won 50 years in succession it would still belong to the Welsh Association. This is sadly the last photograph of Bobby Hibbott of Newtown, who scored the only goal of the game - his last ever. The Mid Wales XI take the field with high hopes of reversing last season's defeat at Machynlleth. He selected himself for the opening league match against Knighton, which the Robins won 10v1.

First of all thank you for copies of the cuttings from the Montgomeryshire Express, as the information gives even more clarity to the formation of Wrexham Football Club to what we have already uncovered the past two months.

I'm very aware of the excellent Penmon web site and the collection of the late Keith Harding from his days as Chairman of Newtown FC.

I will of course mention Keith's discovery when mentioning this piece of information.

Members of Wrexham Supporters Trust voted last week on the facts put before them as recognising that Wrexham Football Club were actually formed in 1864, and to change year on the club badge accordingly.

A great number assembled at the station at 7.25 to see the Stars return to Newtown. This decision was a far sighted one and the present Officers, Committee, supporters and players owe so much to their counterparts for their vision, all those years ago. Jones recalls using George's liniment which consisted of a concoction of mixed oils and grit, which was applied to a player's calf and thigh muscles. Also it gives us much pleasure to see two Newtown players;- The Supporters' Club was formed in the early part of the 1952/53 Season and up to the end of the 1954/55 Season, as a result of its activities, has been able to hand over £2,750 to the Newtown F. for ground improvements and the wages of the Player-Coach. Hughes are also players of no mean ability and coupled with our regulars, our team should generally be much strengthened."I missed an empty net from one or two yards out, after 'Cutter' had forced his way down the right wing with a mazy run and put in a fine cross.

On their arrival at 9.30, bells were peeled, the approaches to the station were crowded as the Newtown Brass Band played a variety of tunes, which included 'See the Conquering Hero comes'. There was a feeling in Newtown that the clubs ought to be united, because if they were divided, inevitably some time or other they would be defeated, although the White Star had shown great pluck hitherto, as had also the Newtown Club. Brian went through both his scrapbooks containing nostalgic press cuttings and photos, described many of the action shots in over 50 photographs, and reminisced many a match from the programmes he has also kept. It gave a tingling sensation and was very welcome in wet and cold conditions, having its own particular smell. The Football Club have also been assured that the expenses of the Isle of Man Amateur Soccer Competition, June 1956, will be met from Club funds. Owen, the Welsh Amateur International and his inclusion should do much to consolidate the middle line. Edgar patted me on the head and said it could have happened to anyone. as a Clerk, Graham was honoured by Welsh Association of Boy's Clubs recently at Hull against the English Boy's Clubs.

Evan Morris went on to state: "Your worthy Chairman has spoken of me as President of the football club at Wrexham, which has existed for 15 years. She is understandably very proud of the continued support given by Josh to his grandfather's idea, which of couse had its original seeds with Newtown White Stars in the late 1870s. Griffiths was at his best with strong, piercing runs which were a source of trouble to the visitors. But some of the players prefer to play for clubs outside the town or not play at all.

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