Who is country singer jessie james dating

He’s such an athlete and God gave him talent and he works his butt off. The food, the shopping, I mean we’ve already seen a show.The con: You never want to see your loved one get hurt. Everything is incredible and I feel so blessed to be here.

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I like being Southern, I like going to Cracker Barrel — I mean that’s just how I am.

I think what keeps me from going into that whole Hollywood scene is that I’m probably a little intimidated by it.

'" But don't expect Jessie James to appear on the Discovery reality program any time soon. "We were literally in bed last night and I was taking a nap and I look at Eric and go, 'Oh my god! ' And he was like, 'Nothing bit you Jess, we're in our clean bed,'" she said.

"And I was like, 'I'm telling you my foot is on fire,' and we pull up the covers and on the perfectly crisp, white sheets there was a fire ant that found my toe and bit me.

I don’t want anything sugarcoated – tell it to my face, tell it to me straight.

How are you adjusting from previously living in Denver? I’ve seen so many friends of mine who are on the verge of divorce now because they just got married like, “Well, he’ll do.” You will end up in divorce. What was the moment when you knew Eric was the one? I had nightmares in the beginning of our relationship of him leaving me.I was familiar with New York because I was signed to Island Def Jam, so I came here all the time. That is so hard and I know it sounds cheesy but I just don’t think anyone’s hotter than Eric. He does more than what I thought he was ever capable of and I thought he was going to be amazing.I was excited to come back in a way even though I never lived here. Even if I didn’t know Eric I still think he would be my celebrity crush. He’ll change every diaper, he’ll try to get up in the middle of the night but I’m like, “Babe you have practice tomorrow, no!, and have seen how the unapologetic country singer has come to have it all: a gorgeous NFL husband (New York Jets wide receiver Eric Decker), a beautiful baby daughter, a successful music career, and burgeoning beauty and clothing lines. VH1 recently sat down with the New York transplant — who still likes going to Cracker Barrel — at Smirnoff Ice’s Ladies With Game Tailgate and learned the story of a simple country gal who rose to fame.Allow us to help you get a peak into Jessie’s world and see what she has to say about the ups and downs of being married to a professional athlete and letting the cameras into her everyday life."My husband definitely appreciates that sense of humor," she said.

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