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Tomi Lahren's "I Have Black Friends" tour of NYC made a stop in Times Square with Charlamagne Tha God, and instead of Black Lives Matter ... The day after The Blaze's ultra conservative host had drinks with Trevor Noah, she met Charlamagne -- most likely to discuss why she blew off an appearance on his radio show.The odd couple says they're trying to understand each other's views on everything from politics to BPM -- yes, black penises matter has become a thing thanks to these two.

The actor was aired out by Charlamagne for having a white girlfriend even though we reported this months ago.

Charlamagne asks Ellis if he’s afraid that he might face backlash for the relationship because he has a predominately black female fan base.

She also uses Herculean leaps in logic to make a point.

Even her sarcastic invocation of “I hung out with not one but two black people” during a new Blaze segment misses the point about why people don’t like her perspective.

(Lahren would later post an Instagram picture claiming that Noah sent her a cupcake, though reported that the cupcakes and card weren’t directly from Noah, but his staff.) Shortly thereafter, Power 105.1 and MTV host Charlamagne tha God got caught up Lahren’s black outreach tour, sharing an aggravatingly posed Instagram photo: Lahren, of course, is an employee for a known media entity, not a started-from-the-bottom bootstrapper.

We don’t know what Charlamagne’s media consumption is like, but despite the circumstances giving few positions at established publications to women of color, there are plenty doing great work on wide-reaching platforms.

Charlamagne and Noah’s insistence on giving Lahren a platform to talk reflects the tired idea that the key to advancing racial relations is conversing with white supremacy apologists, that progress rests within the empathy of the disdained.

Noah infamously warned protesters “if you’re not careful you’ll become the hate that you’re protesting against,” and then doubled down on that sentiment in a recent caught Charlamange walking with Lahren, the personality defended himself by saying, “You have to have discourse with people you don’t necessarily agree with.” But Lahren often defends her positions using ad hominem rhetoric, claiming real issues are symptoms of some nefarious leftist agenda.

Then, when pressed on how he’d respond if he found out that a woman he was dating was transgender, he said he kill her: “This might sound messed up, but I don’t care, she dying.” After some half-hearted pushback, the hosts asked about Mock herself, using her book as a prop. That nigga doing his thing….ain’t finna get me,” Duval said.

Clips from the segment went viral, and activists and allies responded with the hashtags #Boycott Breakfast Club and #Trans Lives Matter.

It’s an opportunity for big business to be a bigger ally, he says.

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