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Even in my early teens, I could tell those ladies were something.Bonnie Hunt I live in this apartment building, and everybody who lives there thinks of me as a housewife. Or I get notes: ' I'm going to be gone for three days.

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The irreverent, chatty, daytime outlet proved a good fit for the comedienne whose accessible Midwestern persona and warmth had won over middle American audiences in sitcoms and supporting film roles in wholesome family comedies.

Behind the scenes, however, she was a serious and accomplished Hollywood producer, screenwriter, director and the creator of several primetime comedies.

Bonnie Hunt I was very down as a teenager, very upset because I had gotten hurt in a car accident. He used to say, ' It's the character with strength that God gives the most challenges to.' I've thought about that so many times in my life when things didn't go right.

Bonnie Hunt Oprah was not somebody who was telling us what to do, she wasn't really teaching us like so many people we see today.

Bonnie Hunt In my neighborhood growing up, 8, 10,12 kids were the norm.

Those stay-at-home moms would handle so much physically and emotionally.

Bonnie Hunt has joined the cast of Showtime’s true-life prison drama ESCAPE AT DANNEMORA.

The drama also stars Benicio Del Toro, Patricia Arquette and Paul Dano.

Bonnie Hunt I remember, when I was 7, my dad found a pregnant dog on the railroad track one day and brought her home.

So my mom explained about how this dog was married but that her husband had passed away - she didn't want me to even think that a dog could have babies without being married.

And now that the stage is set, some very famous fans are choosing sides (though we already know where Eddie Vedder spent much of the evening with Theo Epstein, the Cubs' president of baseball operations: ...

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