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Explain to them that just as they need to have friends their own age, you need to have adult friendships.They'll soon catch on that they'll benefit from your happiness.Your children need to know that while they are a very important part of your life, your entire world doesn't revolve around them.

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If you're undecided and look to them for permission to date, you may or may not get it, but one thing's for sure. You don't have to ask them if it's okay or if they'd mind if you go out. To avoid conflict, some parents will keep their dating a secret from their children.

But when you hide the fact that you're dating, you're still giving your children control.

While other single parents are probably the most likely to be interested in dating someone with children, there are lots of people who have no children of their own who would be delighted with a ready-made family.

Even if you fit the description of single mom or dad, it's important for you to realize that you are more than just a parent.

By dating secretly, you're telling your children that you're ashamed of what you're doing.

Having a life outside of being a parent is nothing to be ashamed of.On the other hand, you might feel guilty for: * Spending the money * Spending the time * Any of the 101 other reasons parents can find to feel guilty Suppose, for example, that you've been invited out on a date, but you aren't sure whether to accept or not.You feel guilty about leaving your small children with a baby-sitter or leaving your older children alone for a few hours. If you don't, sooner or later you're going to resent the fact you never date or do anything socially. Believe me, your guilty feelings are much easier on your children than your feelings of anger and resentment. Some of you might be thinking, "I'd love to start dating, but who would want to date someone with four children, a dog, and two parakeets? Don't automatically assume just because you have children, you're less desirable.There are plenty of people who like children and who want to date someone with children.Your decision to date must come from your own readiness to have a social life.

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