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Scam artists know that many of these men are easy marks.Attackers set up profiles on dating sites such as Lava Place or hang out on sites like Inter Chat and look for men who seem amorously motivated.There’s also some publicly available databases, such as ones that report lost passports.

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We offer a full national coverage for both part loads and full loads in Western Europe: in particular from and to Benelux, Germany, France, Great Britain and Ireland.[more about Food Logistics] Our packaging services and cleaning system covers the entire distribution, cleaning, repairs and administration of several types of plastic re-usable packaging for the food industry.

This way it is possible for you to focus on your products while we take care of and control the entire packaging process for you.[more about Packaging Services] We offer you a reliable and flexible solution for the storage and transhipment of your fresh products with our own, conditioned and EC approved distribution centers in the Netherlands and Germany.

Simkomat sent us a couple reports from past scans to show the kinds of things they search for.

Some aspects are pretty obvious: both eyes have to be clearly open and the mouth needs to be closed.

Many Russians carry an internal passport, that’s not good for international travel.

Still, if the passport appears real, that’s a good sign.

The care for the final product of our customers is where our logistic services begin.

HSF Logistics has its own EC certified fresh and frozen storage facilities, an ultramodern fleet, state-of-the-art cleaning facilities, full-service packing systems and advanced administrative support systems.

HSF Logistics based in Nijmegen and Winterswijk (The Netherlands) and N&K Spedition based in Esbjerg (Denmark) have been working together since 2007 and have now decided to merge in order to create one European Logistics Service Provider offering chilled and frozen transports, packaging solutions, warehousing, Value Added Logistics, Inter-modal transports and Airfreight.

[read more] By burning fossil fuels containing sulphur, toxic sulphur dioxide is released which is a major air pollutant.

HSF Logistics is the leading expert when it comes to refrigerated food logistics and the resulting services such as sophisticated distribution, (cold) storage and cross docking facilities, packaging management and packaging cleaning.

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