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" she said."No it was…kinda fun." I smiled."We should do it again sometime." She told me.Presenting a Misakura Nankotsu/Harthnir x Mi Mi A Cute collaboration: high quality 3DCG FULL VOICE polygon anime episode #1!!

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I began to pull Katsu back on my dick, it felt really good.

Soon she was matching my movements and moving her butt to my pulls."This feels amazing." I told her."Keep it up." She moaned "I'm feeling great to."I could feel my balls swinging around and slapping into Katsuragi's thick muscly thighs.

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My new addition was still there, and it was painfully hard again."Mmmmm." I whined "Just go away…"I was hugging my pillow against my body but I couldn't relax. I realized I had destroyed my shorts and underwear.

I felt my hips wiggle as I tried to get comfortable."Ha…" I let out a moan. I got out of bed and took off my pants, I needed to change into some cleaner clothes."Hey Asuka, I heard some strange noises is everything alright? Katsuragi was standing in the doorway, and there I was standing up with my cock out."Uhh." I said.

At first I tried to stop myself but soon it felt so could I kept going."Oh…oh…oh…" I moaned as I rubbed against my pillow. After a few minutes I felt a rush in my crotch."OHHHHH! ""What a shame it's missing, I wanted to try it myself." She said.

I tried to push her off but she kept playing with my junk."And here I thought squeezing boobs was fun…this feels even better." She smiled.

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