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Meanwhile, Jeremy's beautiful ex-girlfriend, Big Suze, steps back into his life.

Jeremy, on the other hand, stumbles upon a new and exciting source of income, power and responsibility.

Miraculously walking away from the wreckage of his affair with Elena, Jeremy also meets a new love interest.

is an award-winning and critically acclaimed British sitcom starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb.

This Channel 4 comedy follows the private world of Mark (Mitchell) and Jeremy (Webb), two flat-mates living in south London.

Along the way he falls for a troublesome defendant while he's on jury duty, and, horror of horrors, Mark's younger sister.

Mark and Jeremy also deal with intimidating plumbers, get friends sectioned, and face up to scary teenage muggers in the 2005 series.

The comedy also sees Mark go speed dating and discovering in the process that money can buy you love; Jeremy and Superhans playing at a Christian rock festival and the boys having to endure their worst night out ever... In Series 6, having discovered that Sophie is pregnant, Mark and Jeremy have to face up to the possibility that either one of them might be the father.

How will this affect Mark's pursuit of Dobby, the attractive IT worker at JLB Credit where Mark works?

starts just after Jeremy (aka 'Jez') is thrown out by his ex 'Big Suze'.

He moves in with Mark, his old college friend, despite the fact Mark's no-pain-no-gain view of the world isn't a view he holds.

Mark is the sensible one, a professional brogue wearer with a slightly disconcerting interest in World War Two.

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