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I don't know what a new one sells for but I paid right around 0 for mine. I have not been playing long, and I know there is a wealth of knowledge on this site, and I know there are instruments of higher quailty, but for the right price, the JB is a good value...

I also have a JB model Washburn, I am a new player and may not have the feel for what constitutes a good mandolin, but I like mine.

I haven't heard a MK but like you I've heard alot of good comments and reviews.

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I am about to choose a mando ( for bluegrass ) , and have only "messed " around doing scales with a friend's Oscar Schmidt F5 and on a Washburn Jethro Burns model ( which I love the looks and feel of. Can anyone direct me to expert reviews on the Washburn JB model .learn how it compares with the MK mandos? Don't know if this helps you any but goodluck in whatever you decide.

The absolute best thing you can do if possible is to play an MK and see the difference yourself.

Some models are represented by crops from these images and therefore not of the best quality.

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Hi this is my first posting and I am a pure beginner ( button accordion is my instrument really ). I am definitely going to get a solid wood mando.am torn between the JB model and a Michale Kelly ( which I've read rave reviews of ). I do however believe a Washburn or at least the older ones are a decent mandolin.

I have had it for a bit over two months and play several hours everyday.

Mine was bought new and was set up correctly when I got it, action nice and low and no buzzes, so no problems in that area.

I got a Michael Kelly Firefly Flame last May and now have a Michael Kelly Oval on order.

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