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“Developmental disability” is the term most often used to describe people with both limitations.Other terms that may be used synonymously with developmental disability are developmental handicap, developmental delay or severe disabilities.The Special Olympics Texas Information Guide (SIG) contains important information about the policies, sports rules, fundraising guidelines, financial requirements and communications strategies governing Special Olympics Texas.

Athletes may not substitute their area’s competition for another.

Competing in another area’s event is an option only to add additional competition opportunities.

People who have multiple disabilities may participate in Special Olympics provided they meet the eligibility requirements.

An athlete with Down Syndrome will no longer be required to automatically undergo an x-ray examination as a requirement for participation.

If the athlete does not have these symptoms, then he or she may be cleared for participation by a Licensed Medical Professional.

If the athlete does have symptoms, then he or she may only participate if the athlete receives a thorough neurological evaluation from a physician qualified to state that the cause of those symptoms will not result in additional risk of neurological injury due to sports participation and certifies that the athlete may participate.(SOI), in writing and with appropriate evidence, of these potential exceptions, and the program’s determination of eligibility is subject to SOI’s approval.Coaches should contact the Vice President of Field Services at the chapter office for more information.Athletes must compete in the area program and events within the geographical boundaries where they live.Coaches may petition their area program staff if they would like to compete in events outside their area boundaries.Adaptive skill limitations refers to ongoing performance deficits in skill areas considered essential to successful life functioning.

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