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MS, Nursing Informatics, Columbia University, New York I generally say that I serve as the bridge between the information technology folk in the hospital and the clinicians, and I help to translate back and forth. My longer response is more along the lines of assisting with clinical work flows using technology.Now, I am starting to work more in the area of assisting patients with their work flows in using health information technology.I am originally from Boston, Massachusetts, but came to North Carolina to finish my nurse practitioner degree at Duke. I am happy to see her, she listens so closely, thinks about what would be best for my particular symptoms, and offers sound strategies for me to try.

I want to make an impact on nursing, specifically, to bring a strong nursing voice to the field of informatics.

Also I am very interested in bringing patient-generated data and environmental data into the healthcare setting by including the social and behavioral aspects of health and life - using data and technology to really connect with the patient’s life as a whole.

Since I am a nurse, I can bring that patient perspective to our work in informatics in considering what data can we collect as we nurses engage patients, and then how can we use those data in our clinical work flows to then translate into knowledge and wisdom. While working as a nursing instructor, technology really became a factor in our work and our hospitals.

I realized very quickly as I was educating staff that my nurses were very busy, and wondered how I could get information to them in small snippets, first of all, and second of all, how I could increase their access to education.

There are changes to the plans accepted beginning January 1, 2018.

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I do a lot of work in piloting health care apps to patients.

I study how the patients are using the apps, what’s working for them in changing their health care behaviors, and then I do a bit of work on the clinical work flow side, collecting data.

A Comparison of Usability Factors of Four Mobile Devices for Accessing Healthcare Information by Adolescents. And then there is a camaraderie with like-minded individuals, people who want to learn, people who want to research and be curious. One of my most favorite things is I organize an informal run at AMIA which I’ve been doing for the past 10 years which is always a fun way to get that camaraderie going and chat informally about what we are doing in a non-lecture, non-conference, relaxed setting.

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