Validating financial models

Then the advisers will communicate the advice the models generate.

Machines will take care of the execution and maintenance of the strategies."The industry is already racing to maximize productivity," Bussmann said.

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With regulation such as BCBS 239 setting the standard for financial markets data management, Xenomorph’s clients are using our Time Scape EDM solution to reduce data costs, increase operational efficiency, improve risk management and adapt to new regulatory requirements.

Time Scape EDM manages the complete lifecycle of data across data integration, derivation, storage, cleansing, validation, audit, analysis and distribution.

The next generation of AI in wealth management uses rules or models crafted by data scientists with Ph.

D.s and master's degrees."They can come up with very sophisticated investing models, leveraging artificial intelligence technology, and potentially can outperform the traditional players," said Bussmann, who now has an eponymous advisory firm and is also a mentor at Level39, a fintech accelerator based in London.

With the number of instruments that the bank was managing set to increase further, Time Scape EDM provided a flexible, centralized data management platform.

In this video we explore why the requirement to move from Value at Risk (Va R) to Expected Shortfall as a standard risk measure will place more emphasis on ensuring risk models are fed with high quality data."One is, you rely 100% on the models; the other is, you rely just on the human.I think it's necessary to find a balance." The fully staffed bank chief investment officer department — which analyzes market sectors, makes portfolio allocations and picks stocks — may migrate to an environment where there are people modeling data and people validating the models and their results. Over time, they will create investment strategies that are used to build the models.Enterprise Data Management should promote confidence in a firm’s data assets by applying a consistent approach to data quality.But to achieve that goal, EDM teams need to service all of their stakeholders’ requirements – from the front to the back-office. Regulations such as BCBS 239 are forcing changes in the usage and governance of spreadsheets and other end-user computing (EUC) applications in financial markets.With options to deploy Time Scape EDM on premise or consume it as a cloud-based data management service you can choose how best to manage all your data.

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