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US officials have previously said the drill was under consideration and that planning was underway.

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Hayes, Sherman continued his efforts for financial stability and solvency, overseeing an end to wartime inflationary measures and a return to gold-backed money.

He returned to the Senate after his term expired, serving there for a further sixteen years.

Initially a Whig, Sherman was among those anti-slavery activists who formed what became the Republican Party.

He served three terms in the House of Representatives.

US defence officials noted recently the presence of the three US carriers in the region was reassuring allies, even though it was long scheduled.

“It does demonstrate a capability that no other nation in the world can do,” Joint Staff Director Lieutenant General Kenneth Mc Kenzie Jr said earlier this month.Because he had obtained the job through Whig Party patronage, the election of a Democratic governor in 1838 meant that Sherman and the rest of his surveying crew were discharged from their jobs in June 1839.In 1852, Sherman was again a delegate to the Whig National Convention, where he supported the eventual nominee, Winfield Scott, against rivals Daniel Webster and incumbent Millard Fillmore, who had become president following Taylor's death.His brothers included General William Tecumseh Sherman; Charles Taylor Sherman, a federal judge in Ohio; and Hoyt Sherman, an Iowa banker.Born in Lancaster, Ohio, Sherman later moved to Mansfield, where he began a law career before entering politics.In 1897, President William Mc Kinley appointed him Secretary of State. In that year, Sherman's father's cousin (also named John Sherman) took Sherman into his home in Mount Vernon, Ohio, where he enrolled in school.

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