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AMD Athlon 64 x2.4 ghz, Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe, OCZ Platinum rev.2 2 GB RAM, Western Digital 320 GB x2, Western Digital 500 GB, Hitachi 1 TB SATA x1 Long time M$ user almost ready to burn his copy of XP. It tries to open the link but wine's iexplore locks-up without a window.

I did do a quick Google search but I haven't found anything else offering them as of yet, so thought maybe someone out there had come across something?

Hi, I have an old Tom Tom satnav unit, and I'd like to upgrade the firmware and/or maps. I wrote a letter to Tomtom support: I am not complaining, or bashing.

Once again, would you please consider creating a Linux distribution of Tom Tom home. Loads of stuff thee ad I note in particular that is can run mplayer for video! There is no special surprise about the tomtom software supporting only windows (I guess we're all used to that) - but what it does show is that it is highly probable that a standard protocol is used to communicate with the device, and also probably with tomtom servers. What's the bet it's FTP or HTTP to connect to the servers, and that then the new image is placed into the root of the device using USB (like so many MP3 players) so that it reboots into the new version Just need a few details. Maybe running the tomtom software on a captive XP in virtualbox will reveal something........... I installed the current latest Tom Tom Home 2 (v23.1.92).

If you need any help or advice please feel free to contact me, or the thousands of programmers at regards, Buddah The only thing I can think of is to send this or your own version to Tomtom. I had read posts of others having problems doing this. The installer throws a couple of error-dialogs about missing C runtime libraries but just pressed the Okay button and carried on; it completes the install.

Simply follow the system prompts from there to complete the process.

I've got a Tom Tom Go 700, which I got as a gift about 3 years ago.Some systems helpfully have a map button that will inform you of what map version the system is using.However, if you’re having trouble locating the map CD, DVD or SD Card or identifying which map version you have, just get in touch with your local car dealer.With the dissatisfaction of Vista, XP becoming obsolete, and the price of either of them being inhibitive(and ridiculous); Linux is gaining popularity as a mainstream operating system.Ubuntu Linux especially since it is free, and has excellent support via web based forums.There's another issue at exit which also causes it to remain in memory and requires killing.

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