Updating old reader boards

The service sprung up when Google removed social features from Google Reader; The Old Reader was started as a hobby project by Elena Bulygina, Dmitry Krasnoukhov, and Anton Tolchanov.In March 2013, it only had 10,000 users, but started gaining popularity quickly after Google announced it would retire Google Reader.Here are a few updates: - You can now find TOH Discussions in the MORE menu of the top nav throughout the site.

Updating old reader boards

The Old Reader is free for up to 100 feeds and offers a Premium version with full-text search and up to 500 subscriptions and 6 months of post storage.

Former users of Google Reader or other RSS readers can import feeds via OPML export.

The control software is an important, but overlooked, part of your digital display system.

You want control software that's functional and easy to use.

I have noticed a few failures of the policy (5 out of about 100), but generally asking the end user to reboot, then flushing the failure log from the policy, will allow the policy to successfully complete. @joe.farage Do you have time to check this https://jamfnation.jamfsoftware.com/view Product File.html? i think variable $user Agent isn't get the correct current version now.

from my test, the current version is lower than my installed version Latest Version is: 2015.009.20069Current installed version is: 15.009.20077ARCurr Vers Normalized: 1500920069Latest version of the URL is: DC/1500920069/Acro Rdr [email protected] it looks like the problem comes from Adobe.In moving all arms of the business over to new management, our small team has finally been able to re-surface TOH Discussions.We apologize for the delay in resurfacing this environment, and thanks for bearing with us.Retrieving inventory preferences from https://jss.appannie.org:10023/... I haven't read up on that release, so I'm only speculating here.FWIW, I had updated my own scripts that do updates to look to Reader DC as well, but I'm considering putting the old Adobe Reader back in as an option.Watchfire outdoor digital displays offer unmatched advertising and branded messaging with crisp and vibrant animation, graphics and video content.

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