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Of course, hacking or "rooting" the Nook Color will void your warranty and should only be done by those who are very comfortable fiddling with technology.Also, Tech Republic is not responsible for any damage that you do to your Nook Color while attempting any of the steps that we're about to show. Nevertheless, the process is relatively simple and if you run into trouble you can always do a factory reset on the device and start from scratch.

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Just keep in mind that if you're not tech-savvy and you do this incorrectly then you could cause your Nook Color to become unbootable.

Okay, now that we've got the disclaimers out of the way, let's go through the steps on how to hack the Nook Color. I'm going to show you how to "root" a Nook Color using a Windows computer.

Take your time, don’t skip steps, and in about 15-20 minutes, you’ll have a full-blown Android tablet.

If you really aren’t technical and you’re worried about following the steps outlined on The Dusty Blog, there is now an alternative.

It will need to be at least 128MB, but I'd recommend a 1GB card so that you've got plenty of room.

You'll also need an SD card adapter to connect the SD card to your computer, unless your computer has an SD card slot built-in.

The Android Honeycomb 3.0 operating system and the first fleet of tablets that are going to run it are all looking mighty impressive.

Unfortunately, it's also looking like most of them will be even more expensive than the Apple i Pad, which starts at 0.

The really, really cool thing about this is that you can load Android onto your SD Card and have a fully operational Android tablet.

Then, when you want to switch back to the Nook UI, you just turn off the Nook Color, remove the SD card, and then boot it up.

Then you can install your favorite homescreen UI and your favorite Android apps.

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