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They can be searched and filtered by either name or description by using the Search... When a feed is clicked, more details about the feed will be shown to you, such as the creator, creation date, and full description.

Double clicking on the feed in the list will immediately insert the feed.

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Clicking this button will launch an edit dialog allowing you to change the name, description, and other attributes of the currently selected feed.

Note that the name and description of a feed is shared with all viewers and editors of a feed.

If new data is available from the Data Everywhere server, it will replace the existing feed data in your workbook.

Click this button to publish all unpublished feeds in your current workbook.

It is not easy to reestablish a link with existing data, so use this button with caution.

Click the "Manage my feeds online" link at the bottom of the dialog to be taken to your feeds page on the Data Everywhere website.

This will transform the selection into an Excel table, giving you the ability to mange and analyze your data.

The create feed dialog allows you to enter a required name and optional description for the data you are sharing.

This group of buttons is only active when your Excel cursor is located within a Data Everywhere feed in your workbook, with the exception of the "Create" button.

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