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Some HP Jetdirect models, depending on their firmware version, can use the FTP method to update the firmware remotely for a single printer – no extra software required.Use the following list (by product type and number) to locate your Jet Direct Print Server model, and then right-click the associated file and follow the link instructions to download the firmware file directly from this document.

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The LIO interface differs from MIO/EIO in that the card is wrapped in an external plastic casing and is hot-swappable.

The LIO backplane technology is based on a low power/low-voltage ( EIO (Enhanced Input/Output) is a modular interface developed by HP for its printers to expand their capabilities.

In 1992, a card with both 8P8C modular telephone and BNC connectors for Ethernet was released, and in 1993, the first external Jetdirects were introduced with a parallel interface.

This enabled Jetdirect cards to connect to almost any printer, making that printer network-capable.

The "Jetdirect" designation covers a range of models from the external 1 and 3 port parallel print servers known as the 300x and 500x, to the internal EIO print servers for use with HP printers.

The Jetdirect series also includes wireless print server (Bluetooth, 802.11b and g) models, as well as gigabit Ethernet and IPv6-compliant internal cards.

This was followed in 2000 by the Jetdirect 70x home print server.

Four models have been made available: J3263A, the base model; J4101A, an Office Connect model designed to mimic the style of 3Com Office Connect equipment so that stacking it on top of such equipment is aesthetically pleasing; J4101B, an updated version of J4101A; and J3263G, a Ro HS-compliant version of J3263A.

This document describes how to update HP Jetdirect firmware.

Similar to service packs for operating systems, HP provides firmware updates for printers, MFPs, and Jet Direct Print Servers to help address any known issues and add new features throughout the support life of the printer.

All except the J3263G have been discontinued, but all still get firmware updates.

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