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And Apple just managed to put OIS on of its i Phone X cameras, so Google will want to keep up in having that important spec.

"Aircraft built in the last 20 years have a lot to gain from an upgrade," says Joe Spring, an Avionics Installation Sales Rep at Duncan Aviation-Battle Creek.

Although they still function, the systems in these aircraft are slower, less efficient and sadly lacking in features, and sometimes aren't compatible with modern upgrades, which can complicate an installation. Steve Elofson is the Avionics Installation Sales Manager at Duncan Aviation-Lincoln.

However, no hard mandate for satellite-based Wide Area Augmentation System/Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (WAAS/LPV) approaches is expected by industry experts... While the focus may be shifting away from ILS approaches, budgets are tight and many questions still surround WAAS/LPV upgrades.

Industry experts explain some of the common questions and confusion surrounding these upgrades as operators consider the future of aviation navigation.

It’s interesting that Apple didn’t mention Siri once in its entire presentation of the revolutionary (for Apple) i Phone X, whereas Google is making the Assistant and its smart capabilities a key selling point of the Pixel phones.

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He explains that these old FMSs are due to be updated anyway.

"When operators start looking at the additional features, an upgrade really starts to make sense," says Steve.

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"Now is the time to begin researching to determine if an aircraft qualifies for a WAAS upgrade," says Gary.

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