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Everything was labeled with stickers and the directions warned you when to put certain edges forward and which exact hardware to use.It was SO EASY.) Here is what the cabinet looks like totally opened up: I was pretty excited about all the compartments and storage, perfect of the kids craft supplies, plus the top opens up to form a long work area (great for doing art projects.) This piece can now replace the small children's table that was in the corner of the room.To find the perfect piece I went to and started browsing. You can search by product type, room type or by style and collection.

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Feet go up on the table and Cheerios fall into the sofa cushions.

But now at least I don't feel like I'm inviting someone over to a Chuck E Cheese when they sit down in the playroom.

It makes me feel like I'm in a cabin while I'm in these rooms and I like it like that.

For the flooring, they pulled up the carpet and then using gray deck paint, simply painted the plywood.

It could pass for an adult space when all the toys are squirreled away in my new cabinet.

ska), they chose to renovate the manufactured home that was already on the property.Closed and compartmentalized storage all behind white shaker style doors. I ordered it online (which was a breeze, the Sauder website is super easy to navigate.) Less than a week later It arrived on my doorstep and I was super excited to put it together. We are going to have another little DIY'r on our hands: I didn't take any step by step photos of the assembly.It went so fast, and the directions were so straight forward I didn't even think about grabbing my camera.It's also almost 30 years old and needed to feel a little more substantial.We brainstormed on how to update the painted and peeling paneling and came up with this!So it was fate when Sauder offered to send me something from their website to help update any room in my house.. Here is a photo of the room after I added the new rug: You can see all the toys stacked in the corner, and the seats clustered around the TV.

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