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Whether this information black-out is the result of accident or design is impossible to determine.The mission critical portion of this installation begins 75m below ground level and extends to a 100m depth.

In the event of unauthorized access, this console will become inoperable.

Security personnel will be dispatched to revive you and escort you to a detention cell for interrogation.

Since its inception, SCP-2000 has been activated at least twice.

Foundation records regarding SCP-2000’s construction and history prior to this assumed first use have been lost.

This generator is capable of powering the facility in “stand-by” mode indefinitely.

SCP-2000 also contains water treatment facilities, air purification and recycling systems, hydroponic production wings, and housing necessary to permanently sustain up to 10,000 personnel.

Upon receipt of “All Clear” code, Procedure Lazarus-01 is to be implemented.

an excuse to let down our guard or take greater risks with SCP objects or cross-test them or whatever you might have in mind.

In the event of transfer (either elective or compulsory), Class A amnestics must be administered, and false memories implanted consistent with assignment to other high-security or Keter-class SCP objects.

Additional personnel may be assigned to SCP-2000 and granted temporary Level 4/2000 clearance at the discretion of the item's HMCL supervisor (currently Dr. The exterior surface of SCP-2000 is surrounded by Scranton Reality Anchors (SRAs) every 20 m, arranged hexagonally, to prevent incursion by hostile anomalous interference.

Despite several civilian trespassing attempts, the entrance has yet to be breached in the installation’s recorded history, and no further physical containment has been deemed necessary. Necessary supplies and replacement personnel may be delivered via unmarked road vehicles or civilian helicopter as appropriate.

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