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What may look like rubble of an old building could be the foundation of an old building perfect for an archaeological dig.After discovering a site, important steps must be followed in order to ensure that a site is kept in order. This is an extensive walking tour of an area of land in search of any surface artifacts, of visible sign of human influence.

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Introduction Archaeological Site Location of a Site Gridding an Archaeological Site Excavating an Archaeological Site Bones Artifacts Tools Commonly found at a Site Pottery Firing Point Chart Glaze Chart Research (Dating) Radiocarbon Dating Potassium Argon Dating Dendrochronology Pipestem Dating Palynology Stratigraphy Seriation Archaeology is a branch of Anthropology.

Anthropology is the study of man in it’s broadest sense. Archaeologists accomplish heir task mainly through excavation. Once an Archaeologist believes he has found a site possibly containing artifacts, he will begin excavating the site.

Different forms of absolute dating are radiocarbon and potassium argon dating.

Examples of relative dating are Dendrochronology and palynology.

“The key to an effective archaeological dig lies in carefully designing the research before one sets out to use techniques that estimate the probable density of archaeological sites in the region” A more intensive survey requires the archaeologists or researcher to interview local inhabitants (if there are any), landowners, and to review documents regarding the site.

Many areas of land are known for historical occurrences, these are obvious sites for archaeological study.

Visible sites may not be apparent to an amateur’s eye.

An experienced trained eye if an archaeologist will spot small soil erosion or a certain pattern in vegetation growth that is different in comparison to the average field.

The Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, Pompeii, or an old house are all obvious sites for excavation.

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