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“The leaders of tomorrow more and more realize that having a strong head and a big heart is where you need to be.”Ulukaya has always had trouble sitting still, and rather than spend his time at a desk, he prefers to roam the floors of his factories, chatting with workers or even sometimes standing off by himself, watching cup after cup skitter down the line to get filled, sealed, boxed, and sent on its way.

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The CEO then fired off several sharp technical questions, which might have been more illuminating if only I—like Sacher—had a master’s degree in dairy science. Chobani now makes nine different product lines, including the popular Flips (yogurt with a “sidecar” of crunch-adding dry goods such as chocolate chips and nuts), along with several Mediterranean-style dips.

Chobani’s high metabolism allowed Ulukaya to build the enormous Twin Falls plant in just 326 days, at a cost of $450 million, and it’s how he continues to speed new products to market, keeping competitors off-balance.

Ulukaya knew people who had been taken by the authorities and simply never came back. Ulukaya is a quiet man with oversize features and a subtle magnetism that’s occasionally punctured by an endearingly goofy high-pitched laugh.

Unlike many CEOs, he radiates more warmth than authority, and his manner is unhurried, even when his schedule is hectic (his schedule is always hectic).

Chobani also pays above-average wages, and that new family-leave policy offers full pay for any new parent, including foster and adoptive parents. “I have to create an enemy, and I have to get rid of it, in a metaphoric way. We hate Big Food.” Last year, Chobani released a series of hardball ads that went after its chief adversaries, Danone and General Mills. There is, inevitably, some tension between these two Ulukayas.

Ulukaya has put a great deal of thought into cultivating a spirit of warmth and enthusiasm that most people wouldn’t associate with working in a factory, and when you spend time at the company’s plants, the positivity is obvious. The commercials highlighted artificial ingredients used in some Dannon and Yoplait yogurts. Sourcing all-natural products is expensive and complicated, which can hurt profit margins, and the company’s aversion to preservatives led to a 2013 partial recall due to mold issues.

Hamdi Ulukaya never planned to move to America, much less start a yogurt business that would make him a billionaire. He might have gone into Turkish politics or the family cheese-making business, perhaps even married the hometown girl who his mother claimed would be perfect for him. Instead, Ulukaya got hauled in for questioning by the Turkish police one day, and his life went in another direction.

At the time, in the early 1990s, Ulukaya was studying political science at Ankara University.

Ulukaya’s actions have brought both death threats and invitations to speak at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where in January he challenged other business leaders to take more responsibility. “Chobani can inspire a new way of business, a new way of work, a new way of innovation.” Despite his newfound wealth and prominence, the activist spirit of Ulukaya’s youth remains as strong as ever.

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