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The experiment will provide a more solid response rate than paper surveys, and could give Tf L a better idea of what’s happening throughout the day, not just at the very busy hours when the official counters deploy.“Different parts of cities have different rush hours,” says Sarah Kaufman, who studies intelligent cities with New York University’s Rudin Center for Transportation.

It is unknown who is producing the Tube Chat badges, but it is believed they wish to remain anonymous out of fear of reprisals from victims of unsolicited small talk attacks, which have reportedly increased tenfold since their distribution began.

Transport for London have distanced themselves from both schemes, only officially endorsing their pregnancy and disability badges, but commuters are overwhelmingly in favour of the POYF version.

“I’m heading home now, hopefully this badge will discourage these savages from trying to engage with me any further.” The Tube Chat badge comes with a card explaining that Londoners will “benefit from a daily chat”, but information attached to the POYF badge seeks to dispel this myth.

“Everyone around you in this hellish labyrinth of body odour and stress would benefit from a punch in the face,” it says.

“If no passengers are using a particular stairway, it could alert Tf L that there’s something wrong with the stairway—a missing step or a scary person,” Kaufman says. And, yes, sigh, Tf L says this kind of Big Data might make it easier to sell revenue-generating ads and retail spaces inside stations.

(.)The Underground won’t exactly know what it can do with this data until it starts crunching the numbers. Meanwhile, Tf L has set about quelling a mini-privacy panic—if riders don’t want to share data with the agency, Sager Weinstein recommends shutting off your mobile device’s Wi-Fi. Anyone with the data will know exactly how many people are passing each day.The Tube is full of expert commuters who know exactly where to stand on the platform to get closest to the stairway they need—but it's also packed with bumbling tourists overwhelmed by the long escalators and weird accents. ” For London, and cities with mind-boggling transit networks like it, a little Wi-Fi data may just go a long way.“Understanding how different types of customers are using the network allows us think about the information we provide to them,” says Lauren Sager Weinstein, who oversees Tf L’s analytics. Before its Wi-Fi experiment, the Tube’s tracked humans with humans.Các kênh TV còn hoạt động trên là các kênh hoàn toàn được phép sử dụng. chúng tôi đều cho ngưng hoạt động (nên không vào xem được).Các bạn có thể xem các kênh này tại trang web khác như FPT play."The Tube" was made up by Brandon Di Camillo, who frequently talks about it on Radio Bam. It is used in a competition where two people, preferably men, insert an end into each of their anuses. The winner is determined by whose feces comes out the other side.

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