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Topics include: Personal Growth, Kabbalah / Jewish Mysticism, Mashiach, Philosophy and Thought, Dating and Marriage, Parenting / Raising Children, Israel, Life After Death, The Weekly Torah Portion, Holidays, Life Cycle and much more.

Simply open the Menu, Tap on Settings, then Feedback and leave us a message there. Actual User Feedback*****"I have been out of school now for two years, and although I never thought I would say this, I miss it.

We have designed a state of the art system within the app itself to fix any problems you may encounter.

Ever since I've started listening to shiurim on Torah anytime, I have felt tremendous gratitude towards you." ***** "I recently went through a challenging time and a friend recommended your site to me.

Actual User Feedback ***** "I have been out of school now for two years, and although I never thought I would say this, I miss it.

I recently came back from seminary and it was so hard to adjust to work and college life. My friend recommended me to try torahanytime speeches and I cant even tell you how I was so impressed.

Thank you for making it possible."*****"I just wanted to thank you for this AMAZING organization.

Im sure that this is what will bring our geulah b'mhera. It's very easy to find speakers that you're following (there's the alphabetical list of letters that you can automatically jump to on the right side), as opposed to having to scroll down thru the whole list on the website.

you have such a nice verity of different topics and speakers, I never have enough! So theres a tremendous amount of Hakras Hatov I have to you that no words would be enough to express it. Torah - God's reason for the internet The layout of this app is great.

Organization include: Ohr Naava, Chazaq, Emet Outreach, Aish, Gateways, Divine Information,, The Shmuz, Hidabroot, JELN, Orah, RAJE, Ohel Sarah Amen Group and many more. Follow a Speaker to be instantly notified when a new class is added. Ratings and Feedback: Should you have any issues, PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK in the marketplace.

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