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You probably wouldn’t guess it’s one of the least aggressive.

Actually, the fact that wolfhounds get along so well with everyone is what makes them poor guard dogs but excellent family dogs.

But personality-wise, they’re affectionate, great around kids, usually good with other animals, and generally sweet-natured.

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But a well-trained one's surprisingly tender and goofy.

This rare breed has been used in therapeutic and rescue capacities in the past.

While they’re exceptionally protective and fiercely loyal, they’re also laid-back and gentle.

They stick closely to their families and have calm dispositions—as long as they don’t feel threatened.

These mountain dogs crave family time and shower their human companions with loyalty and affection.

Slightly smaller than the English variety but no less physically imposing, bullmastiffs can act aloof toward strangers, but they’re close and friendly with loved ones.These hounds got star treatment in the 2013 New York City St.Patrick's Day Parade as they walked with the New York Army National Guard's 1st Battalion, 69th Infantry.They’re workers at heart, but mostly they just want to be around their people. She belonged to this breed and was just as watchful and friendly with kids as she was with her peers.These goofy dogs are eager to please, sweet-tempered, and happiest when they have a task to complete. Huskies look wolflike, but their temperament is anything but.Rottweilers have aggressive reputations, but when trained vigilantly from the start, they can be the sweetest dogs your family could ask for.

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