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” “My machine is connected to a network built on top of the Net, one that Centillion can’t see inside.

Basically, we rely on a virus that turns people’s computers into relaying stations for us, and everything is encrypted and bounced around so that Centillion can’t see our traffic.” Sai shook his head.

It was a truism that what a man wouldn’t tell his best friend, he’d happily search for on Centillion. I won’t be offended.” “Where’s your coat and goggles?

But it proved too difficult to force employees to keep their personal calendars and recommendations rigidly separate from work ones, and once the partners started to violate the rules and use Tilly for work, IT had to support them.

And Centillion had then pledged that they would encrypt all corporate-derived information in a secure manner and never use it for competitive purposes—only to give better recommendations to employees of Chapman Singh.

Second, these days, how do you get your news except through Centillion?

If Centillion doesn’t want you to see something, you won’t.” “So how did you find these documents?

After all, the mission statement of Centillion was to “arrange the world’s information to ennoble the human race,” and what could be more ennobling than making work more efficient, more productive, more pleasant? He couldn’t even imagine what drudgery work would have been like before Tilly came along.

*** After work, Tilly guided Sai to the flower shop—of course Tilly had a coupon—and then, on the way to the restaurant, she filled Sai in on his date, Ellen: educational background, Share All profile, reviews by previous boyfriends/girlfriends, interests, likes, dislikes, and of course, pictures—dozens of photos recognized and gathered by Tilly from around the Net. As usual, Tilly was right: Ellen was exactly his type.

All the paralegals at Chapman Singh Stevens & Rios lived for client lunches, made by the firm’s own executive chef. Her voice was garbled through some kind of electronic filter.

In response to his questioning look, she gestured to the camera over Sai’s door.

“You’re really one of those tinfoil-hat conspiracy theorists.

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