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If you like, you can reflect on why we’re so much more open to affairs on TV these days; they’re no longer just the bread and butter of scheming villains; our TV heroes like to get around, too.

Or, if you prefer, you don’t have to reflect at all.

Annalise’s moral compass is a little screwy (she later betrayed Nate during a courtroom scene), but we’re not really going to look down on her for stepping out on a husband who is so clearly stepping out on her.

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I mean, a show called won the Golden Globe for best drama.

Sappy and sweet seems to be out, and lurid and lascivious is in.

The sexual pull between Noah and Ali is the engine that drives this show.

The “he said/she said” account of marital infidelity gave us twice as much fooling around.

Last week, right around this time, we took a look back at the most satisfying TV kisses.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, the Internet is no doubt flooded with similarly themed articles; romantic fare meant to send your heart racing.

Claire Randall is trapped in 18th century Scotland with no idea if or when she’ll be able to get back to her husband, Frank, and their fairly happy post–World War II lives.

So she takes another husband for, well, complicated political reasons.

–– Annalise and Nate : One of the earliest glimpses we, the viewer, got of Annalise Keating was her perched on her desk with her lover, Nate, provocatively on the floor just out of frame.

There is no question in anyone’s mind as to what’s going on, and it was an incredibly powerful way to launch this character.

But it doesn’t hurt one bit that Jamie’s so easy on the eyes.

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