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Janessa and Lily were both standing next to the bed, dressed only in their panties. She was tall and had long brown hair and sparkling brown eyes. Lily, this is my little brother, Jason." Jason smiled awkwardly. They took a second to relax, and then the girls made their next move. Jason's hard cock pushed straight into her tight, but very wet pussy.

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I slid my finger inside my panties and started rubbing it up and down my pink slit, imagining what it would be like to be one of these girls, doing all sorts of nasty things for the camera...

I was so wet now, I stuck a finger into my little pussy, imagining that some dirty older guy was touching my little cunt.

Come on, honey, we're going to be late." Pretty soon, eleven-year-old Ellie walked into the kitchen. Her eyes were closed and she was petting his head, moaning, "Oh yeah, Laddie. When the last drop of pee was in the toilet, he flushed it and walked over to Janessa. It slid in easily and he started fucking her fast and hard. " He squeezed her asscheeks and pushed as far into his sister as he could. " Janessa screamed and her pussy juices started running down her legs and onto the floor. Then they realized what time it was and started getting ready for school. He licked Jason enthusiastically and then started sniffing him. "Just hold on a minute, boy." He threw his school stuff down on the couch. He walked home from school and arrived at two thirty every day.

Good boy." Jason smirked and started climbing up the stairs. The door was wide open and his older sister was inside, sticking the handle of her hairbrush in her dripping-wet pussy. He didn't want to disturb her, so he walked passed her, lifted the seat to the toilet, and started peeing. She shoved the brush handle farther in her pussy and moaned loudly. He reached around and started fondling her perky tits as well. Jason came too and filled his sister's ass with his warm sperm. They gave each other a quick kiss on the lips and went to their rooms to get dressed. Then they went out to the garage and piled into the car. I'm gonna bring my friend Lily home with me today; she wants to meet the family. So be ready when I get home; naked is fine." She gave him a wink. Bye Ness." "Bye Jay, Bye mom." She closed the door and they pulled out of the parking lot.*** "Laddie, I'm home! Janessa got home just a little bit later, and Ellie got home at three. When he saw Jason's bare ass sticking out, he knew what to do. Laddie's rough, warm tongue and hot, sticky saliva felt amazing. Janessa leaned over and whispered something in Lily's ear. He squirted all of his juice in her mouth and she swallowed it all. Janessa stopped liking his ass and they both pushed him on top of the bed.

"So mom, I think I'm gonna invite my friend over this afternoon," Janessa said. She started petting him and gave him a piece of bacon. I told you not at the table." She grabbed Laddie's collar and pulled him out from under the table. Just finish you're breakfast; we're running late." "Sorry mommy," Ellie said. When she was done, she got up and started walking to the living room. "Well, time for me to head off," their father, Jack, said.

"I've been talking to her lately and I think she would like to meet us." She looked at Jason. He quickly ate it and started sniffing around the table. "Bye, sweetie," he said to Kim and gave her a kiss.He figured Janessa would call him when she was ready, so he sat on his bed and started rubbing his cock. He had a pretty good image going in his head when he heard his older sister yell, "Jayjay, come here." He quickly got up and walked down the hall. He nervously walked into the room, his rock hard cock standing proudly at six inches. Jason put his mouth right up to her pussy and drank her juices as she came.He wasn't ready to waltz right in and show off his cock to a stranger, so when he got to Janessa's room, he only stuck his head in. It tasted very sweet and Jason lapped up as much as he could."I think that's a fine idea, Nessa," Kim said as she stacked pancakes on their plates. He quickly finished his pancakes and then left the kitchen. He started stroking his cock with one hand and he used his other to put some lube on Janessa's little pink butthole.When she got to the empty seat at the table, she filled the plate and yelled "Ellie! As he walked through the living room, he saw his little sister sitting on the couch with her legs spread apart sticking straight up in the air, letting Laddie lick her pussy and ass. When his cock was hard, Janessa stuck her butt out for him and he shoved his cock up her hole.I was surprised to see that not only were the girls in the magazines doing all kinds of nasty, dirty things, but they all looked,really young.

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