Teenager dating at age13 to17

The Chief Medical Officers tells us parents that young people should wait until at least age 15 and an alcohol free childhood is best.

Speak to the host parents, even if you don’t know them.

Tell your child you’re not prepared to let them go otherwise.

Alcohol has more of an effect so the risk of accidents and injury to themselves or others is high, and perhaps most importantly exam predictions suffer, falling by 20 points among those who drink weekly, that’s the difference between an A* and a C.

Underage drinking has halved in England over the last decade, with 62% of 11 -1 5 year olds saying they haven’t even tried alcohol and the number of 15 year olds drinking weekly has fallen to 10%.

There are some fun games and quizzes you can do together too via may think they don’t listen, but 70% of children ages 8 to 17 say their parents are the number one influence on whether they drink alcohol.

Parents weren’t seen by most teenagers as good role models, or set ground rules that they stuck to. 55% of young people say that their school provides clear rules but only 27% say they have to abide by clear rules and consequences in their family, or that their parents keep track of where they are. There are some really practical ways to delay teenage drinking.

Even among 16 -24 year olds just 18% binge drink regularly, contrary to what the media tell us, so teenagers are much better behaved than in our day!

The key thing to remember as parents or carers however, is the more relaxed we are about alcohol in the home, the more likely our kids are to drink outside of it, at parties and in public places, and that’s where risk taking is most likely to happen.

Car journeys are great too, as your child can avoid eye contact, and they can’t escape.

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