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I brushed my mouth over her soft wet pussy lips and inhaled deeply. My tongue snaked out and flicked teasingly over her clit before slipping deep into her tiny hole. I teased her clit with my teeth and tongue, nipping gently before flicking my tongue over the sensitive bud. Suck my clit." I pulled her clit deep in my mouth and sucked hard. I love seeing Steph's sweet lips wrapped around my dick, sucking me dry. Considering mine is the only dick she's ever sucked, that's saying something. I guess it was enough for Karla that I still rammed my dick into her regularly and she didn't notice that I'd lost my taste for her.

Her hips bucked in unison with my thrusting tongue. I could feel the spasms wracking her body as juices gushed from her hole. I continued fucking Karla the nights I didn't see Steph. So here I am, two months after Steph's eighteenth birthday, and two months of gorging myself on the sweetest pussy in the world – and I'm finally going to fuck my girl.

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When cold or turned on, her nipples get nice and hard, about a quarter inch long, maybe a little more.

We are both nudist and we met at a swim club where everyone swims nude in an Olympic size pool and socialize with drinks and appetizers. A little about me, I’m 45, 6ft, 187lb dark hair and a nice body.

The length of my cock is a little above average but the girth is almost as big as Sue’s wrist.

You should see it when she takes my cock in her mouth; she calls it her vanilla Drumstick, the ice cream type.

I talked to Karla's boss and asked him to schedule a business trip for her the day before Steph's birthday.

I'm pretty good friends with Mike and he got a chuckle out of me asking him to send my wife out of town.

I've gone down on my share of beautiful women in my twenty-eight years and virgin cum is a sweet delicacy that most men might sample once or twice if they're lucky. I've had a steady diet of it for the past two months. Karla is a beauty, but she was no virgin when we met. Most girls don't leave college with their cherry intact.

We both came from wealthy families and were fortunate enough to land prime positions in my father's company right away.

Sure enough, by the time she was seventeen, Stephanie's beauty surpassed Karla's.

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