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Maybe it's just a matter of finding out where he belongs. Rule #1a: Do not hurt his team because it will piss him off. Slash J/C, past non-con Jensen/Wade, slash, trigger: rape description. Johnny Storm became Jacob Jensen when his sister decided to stop being a hero to start a family. Then one day, they become entangled with a group known as the Xmen.

Prompt: Five times Eliot did something for them they'd never mention and one time the team decided to say thank you. is tasked to assist in an Interpol investigation of a serial killer jumping international borders. Brain Fart There is always a sacrifice to be made but not usually one so willing to make it. He finds a team in the special forces, years later he has to drop the facade to save his new team. The Evo world is forever turned upside down when a man named Dr.

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He delivered Ozai's punishment, but eavesdropping Azula hadn't liked what she had heard and twisted the truth. He tries to break him from his shell, with unintended help from the children, but it won't be easy. Even in Sunnydale waking up with breast that weren't there the night before qualifies as weird. Contains magically induced gender bending and eventually slash of the Spike/Xander variety Wednesday Addams is getting married. Or at least the members that won't ruin the ceremony. Will contain elements from the Addams family musicals, the New Addams Family TV show, and the movies. Betrayed by his friends, Harry Potter finds himself thrown inside a muggle mental hospital, but is soon transferred to Arkham Asylum . AUX-Men/TW Gambit is sent to Cardiff to collect a young mutant by the name of Ianto Jones and interesting connections unfold. Harry Dresden returns to life, lands in the Nevernever, meets Buffy Summers, Xander and Dawn, who help him return to Chicago, then with his hunt for his killer. Final part of my 'Steps' series featuring Loki and Steve Rogers. How much control do you have on your life, if you have someone else's memories and possibly more is there only one road you can take, will your life be better?

What if her lies had never taken root and the true punishment had been carried out as planned? Summer, Autumn and Winter) Bunny transforms into his baby bunny form to conserve energy, but the Warren is big and Lonely and Bunny is feeling the aftereffects of a ruined easter. When Remy Le Beau booked passage on the Hunter-Gratzner he was only hoping to track down rumors of his one-time friend and teammate: Logan. It is here where Harry learns what true insanity is. Ianto's teen yearsw/the X-men through the presentw/TW,also what goes on in Remy's life. Ignores S-8 comics after "Time of Your Life."In this AU Jim has been convicted of killing his mother and lives in a mental hospital. Blair has destroyed his career with his interest in junk science, the study of Sentinels Five thousand years is more than enough time to gather more stories than can ever be told to Mac and Joe over a beer. The first chapter is a flashback of Loki as Peggy Carter and the second chapter is a flash forward to their present. Xander has Clark Kent's memories from Secret Identity After almost loosing his own life, as well as those of his sons, John Winchester decides to introduce Sam and Dean to their younger half brothers Adam and Xander, but Sunnydale has a surprise in store...

Violence, faery problems, uncomfortable questions, destruction, and White Council trouble are all guaranteed. Moving between worlds, living and dead, the Grey and Life, was normal for Jake and his sister. Will Ezra enter into the spirit of it all and will he conquer past memories? Old West AU - In a world of myth, where Great Powers walk among us, an ancient prophecy is about to come to fruition. WARNING - TERRORISM IS INVOLVED - IF THIS IS DIFFICULT FOR YOU, PLEASE DON'T READ!

AUPart way through season 3, Xander was knocked unconscious by Angel as a way to convince Faith that he had reverted to Angelus. What if Xander was found by Sunnydale's nightlife while knocked out... So was being able to shift into an animal, an apex predator, a shark. Oh yeah, being in the same ship all the time sucked. Est Spike/Xander, mention Kurt/Blaine eventual Kurt/Puck, Rachel/Sam. Foretold have been the warriors; foretold has been the battle. ."When she sees him the color in her face drains, like she's seeing a ghost.

Supernatural, Leverage, Mentalist, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Chaos, New Amsterdam, Criminal Minds, Batman, Veronica Mars, Losers, Dresden Files, Sons of Anarchy, Glee, Gossip Girl. Unfortunately, kindness seems to be an endangered species in this 'Verse. Summary: After Gambit is left to die in Antarctica help comes in an unexpected way.

There are more than a few people who want the Saints out of the Hoag, but one group doesn't want them for their calling. Too bad their Da didn't live long enough to see this. Harry Potter was on a job to retrieve an artifact from an old wizard stronghold when he ends up saving a strange man from the ice and snow. This story is a series rewrite, starting from Welcome to the Hellmouth. After: still a high school nerd but with spider powers she uses to fight crime.Firelord Azulon had been furious at his second son. Academy for Advanced children, Phil Coulson's class is allowing three year olds to join. It is built on the simple question of, how would things have gone if Buffy had met a different ensouled vampire on her way to the Bronze that night? with Willow in tow to stay with the Summers' women and their eccentric live-in Englishman. Though now she has to struggle to find a balance between the two, but it gets harder when they constantly overlap.What right did Ozai have to demand the throne when his own brother had just suffered a loss? While working with Pepper Potts, he takes a liking to a young, shy Loki Laufeyson. Harry When Willow picks up on Voldemort's resurrection, the Council moves to aid Harry Potter in his struggle against the Dark Lord. Xander wants to be with his friends after an altercation with his father leaves him under the watchful eye of Giles. When Clay was still just Franklin, or Frank even depending on how well he'd been behaving, and lived at home with his mother and father in his teenage years, coffee in the morning had been a thing of joy.When Willow discovers that she is adopted, she goes searching for her real parents. Xander wasn't expecting to find the Scoobies 2.0 when he became the Watcher for a slayer in Lima. The powers that be at the ATF have come up with yet another team building exercise. 'James' she breathes, eyes wide and unbelieving; his answer is the brightest grin he's worn in a long time. A Fairy Tale : Jake Jensen has just graduated and is spending the summer bumming around Europe when he meets a mysterious gypsy.That grin, however, is short lived as a glass goes flying by his head."AU Sentinel verse . Ezra Standish has to run away from the life she loves of consequences not her own. When she gives him an unexpected gift his life changes in ways he never could have imagined.Xander takes a little time off to let his wounds heal after the Olaf incident. The team know nothing of Xander's past but when they respond to a John Doe case, what will happen when the John Doe is Spike? (AU version of the movie with female Bilbo - BOFA fix it! Jack and Bunnymund have been getting along very well. Alcohol kills brain cells and magic wipes memories, so why in the world would he rely on either one? Xander's quest to clear his mind and evict past tenants may just change the world more than it changes him!

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