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There are rumors that the "Invincible Youth" star is pregnant.In fact, many believe that this is one of the reason the "Boys Over Flowers" star is not ready for his military enlistment.Greg Rutherford, MBE, and his partner Susie Verrill are expecting their second child together.

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Suzy Bae is reportedly still jealous whenever Lee Min Ho is tagged with Park Shin Hye.

There is still no concrete detail as to when or what their reunion project will be. Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae are rumored to be having babies.

So, I cant tell you yet if shes correct, lol....I know I cant wait that long!

The last thread with the poll was removed for some reason. I have just looked on the other thread and it says about a lady called Jenny Ren so Im going to google her There is lots about a lady called Gail too Ohhhh I want to do them all The last thread with the poll was removed for some reason.

She wrote in the caption: 'The picture's caption 'Picked up a giant lobster by the pool today... ' Susie confirmed she was dating the radio presenter in March, describing him as 'one of the most brilliant men' she's ever met.

She divorced her first husband 12 years ago and married former St Kilda president Rod Butterss in February 2009, but the marriage only lasted five months.Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae are believed to be an item already despite their denial.According to reports, the "Legends of the Blue Sea" star and the "Big" actress are tying the knot and having babies after the actor's military enlistment.I'm looking forward to being able to breathe properly again & walk rather than straddle a massive invisible schlong but I'm not wishing the swollen ankles, rubby thighs and bump haven away as much as I did last time.'I'm so much bigger than I was while carrying Milo but I've seen my body work its way back to 'me' once before & I'll give it time to do the same again; only THIS time, I'm perfectly content with it doing so as slowly or quickly as it pleases #mymiloandme #pregnancy #ireallydomissbreathingthough.'The couple met in 2012, exchanging messages for two months before enjoying a bowling date together - and hit it off instantly.Taking to Instagram in April to announce the pregnancy, the brunette beauty shared a sweet selection of snaps of Greg and Milo cradling her blossoming belly.Do you believe that Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae have an affair?

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