Stuttering and dating

To ensure more positive and successful communication with someone who stutters, it’s important to challenge our ideas of listening.Here are six tips to keep in mind to ensure your listening style is more inclusive to those who stutter.

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Stuttering and dating

In July 2014, Richard Rawson released his single 'Fireflies' which features vocals by Tom Parker of The Wanted.

On the track Fazer raps about his journey so far in music. On 24 March 2017 'Fazer' released a song 'I Woke Up'.

By being yourself and relaxing a little, you can make your interactions with your special someone feel more natural.

Richard Rawson, better known by his stage name Fazer, is an English rapper, producer, DJ and songwriter.

But that's actually a common problem we encounter when talking to people who don't stutter, too. For some people who stutter, there may be long pauses in their speech while they work to find the correct word or sound to complete their thoughts.

"Occasionally in conversation, we will just kind of pretend we understand something when we really don't," Millager says. If someone you're talking to pauses for a seemingly prolonged period of time, it may feel tempting to "help." "A lot of people are made uncomfortable by silence," Turner says.N-Dubz released their first album, Uncle B, in 2008, followed by Against All Odds in 2009, and Love. The group have said on many occasions that they will reunite.On 3 March 2012, Fazer was featured on BBC1's show Urban Classics where he performed his version of Englishman in New York originally by Sting and he also performed a tribute to Whitney Houston with Skepta."I'm so focused on what this person is trying to say because sometimes you have to try so hard to say it.That can be a really cool opportunity." At the same time, Millager and Turner agree it's important not to completely ignore the fact that someone stutters.But there’s still a lot of work to be done to shatter the social stigma around stuttering.

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