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is a Professor of Sociology and founder and Co-Director of the Family Research Laboratory, University of New Hampshire.

In 2008 he earned the Award for Distinguished Lifetime Contributions to Research on Aggression, International Society For Research on Aggression.

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It says, And, if any violence has preceded the divorce discussions and say…

the local gendarmerie is called in, our boys are subject to domestic violence laws, which are stickier by far than if they were single and decided to box each other on the ears. Both National Family Violence Surveys, with a combined sample of more than 8,000 respondents, reported comparable gender rates for not only physical assaults, but verbal abuse as well. This survey of 130 dating and 130 married students found that women are more likely than men to engage in isolation behaviors, such as “monitors time,” “discourages same-sex friends” and “discourages opposite sex friends.” Stets (1991).

Some studies even showed even more dramatic results: for example, American high school students females were four times as likely as male students to be the only violator against a member of the other gender participant of the event reported (5.7 % : 1.4 %).

A study in New Zealand found that women and men committed slight violence against the opposite sex in the ratio of 36 to 22 percent, severe violence even in the ratio of 19 to 6 percent.

Straus was ignored from then by the feminist fighting literature, quoted from earlier.

Likewise, he found himself exposed to personal attacks and slander.

He called a hotline for a battered womens program and asked about services for men, explaining that he was experiencing violence at the hands of a female.

The hotline worker said, “You should be in jail.” The officer restated that he needed help because his wife was violent. In a recent article in the San Diego Metro Weekly domestic violence was mentioned in the context of the California Supreme Court ruling in favor of gay marriage, regarding gay divorce.

They came to the surprising conclusion that, overall, 11.6 percent of women, but 12 percent of the men had stated the had been beaten, slapped, kicked, bitten, pelted with objects or to have been otherwise attacked.

(Some studies, the "physical force" on the preconceived notion, even came to 25 percent of attacked men compared with 16.5 percent of women.) For each 1.8 million female victims there are two million male victims.

) Countries and showed that violence almost everywhere emanates more by women than by men. In the overall result, the distribution looks like the right can be seen.

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