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So it is unsurprising that John's crew, Ivars, only managed to capture the boat at 14 knots. John Morfit wrote about this exciting sail: "Jim Neeley, the funny man in the yellow suit, sails a Reynolds 33 catamaran (single-hands it in moderate winds, too).

He was quite impressed by the stability of the Catri - he liked that.

I had Jon Bilger, a New Zealander who competed in the Barcelona Olympics, sail TARDIS at Abersoch with me over the weekend.

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"Other boats would be hobby-horsing." On the Sunday it was not so windy and Jon appeared bright and early, keen for another trial in different conditions.

It was force 3 and dry, so we got the gennaker out and almost made 20 knots! He was thrilled and is going to buy a 27R for use in Auckland, racing and cruising with his family. To get to Brest now for our rendevous date will entail sailing every day, something that we know is possible but which puts us under pressure and it is when press-on-itis sets in that disasters happen.

At last the skies cleared and the wind dropped, a bit much actually.

Despite the lack of wind Sue managed to get her hair in a tangle.

The first part of the maiden voyage started on 9th June 2005.

I had only got up as far as June 26th before with the photos. I've also made the blog easier to follow by putting the entries into ascending order with the newest at the bottom of the page. I moved TARDIS today as there is bad weather looming for the next couple of days and I am busy already at the weekend.

We know we can opt out at any time and catch a ferry or a plane. Milford Haven at the tip of Pembrokeshire, Padstow on the North Cornwall coast or worse still St.

Ives, virtually at Lands End, waiting for a tidal gate in a harbour that dries out! It makes sense to make arrangements to leave TARDIS here and fly to Brest from Birmingham.

Jon has been researching the CATRI for a while so I was delighted, when out in a seaway, to hear him say that it exceeded his expectations.

We were doing 17 knots in 1.5m waves and because it was raining we were soaked through. " he exclaimed, as he tested it beyond the limits that he had expected to.

He also felt it to be very strong and rigid, not at all a "worrying" boat.

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