zoodating com - Speed dating oxford street

I think they just take your money and match you up with the first person who comes along.

Lady: Welcome to speed dating, the place where you will find love and romance and passion. If he’s not Mr Right, you can always ring the bell.

You remain seated and these handsome gentlemen will come to your table.

While you're competing with hundreds just for the chance to get accepted for a viewing, your prospective new flatmates are looking for something with a bit more sparkle than a simple “hello”.

So when you join one of the wealth of flatmate finding websites – Room Buddies, Flatmate.com, Spare Room – you compose a profile that not only explains what you're looking for, but what you like, what you do, your hopes and dreams. It all feels a bit over-familiar – something that’s highlighted if you’re simultaneously using online dating sites like OKCupid.

Stephen: Hmm, well, I think you should keep trying.

So far they’ve been either totally boring or just weird!

But, well, my full name is Ashlie Bridget Alice Walker but you can call me...

If it costs you £800,000 to buy a 10ft wide property in East Dulwich, the chances of being able to afford anything like your own flat in London are so minuscule as to be irrelevant.

Someone who’d like to wash my clothes, do my ironing...

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