Speed dating osaka guide to online dating for asians

Konpa came into use during the Meiji Period (1868-1912), when it described a meal where university students would get together to strengthen mutual bonds and share the cost of food between them.

It's believed the variant term gokon was coined in the 1970s.

The kanji will get the ball rolling by separating the men and women into groups of equal size (3:3 and 4:4 are common).

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Despite all the mystery, gokon are actually little more than group blind (or semi-blind) dates.

There isn't any kind of gokon association or Facebook page you sign up for, or even a fee for participating; it’s just a group date that a friend or mutual acquaintance might happen to put together.

"I want a girl from a good family," said Doron, another participant.

"Someone who will stick with me when times get tough, someone I can be happy with." The May 31 outing was the first of many planned monthly speed-dating events geared specifically for people who have autism and other disabilities that can make social interaction difficult.

And if you'd like to participate in one, all you need is to make a few friends!

One recent evening at a cafe on Tel Aviv's trendy Nahlat Binyamin Street, each man walked from one woman's table to the next as a buzzer sounded, and at the end of the night, all the participants wrote down which conversation partners they were interested in meeting again.

"People with social constraints have a hard time understanding dating codes and behavior we take from granted, such as what constitutes too much information," she said.

"In general, they're not adept at natural rules of conversation such as who talks, when and how much, when you start talking and when it's time to listen, making eye contact, or being polite even to people who don't attract us.

If you've spent enough time around single Japanese people, you've probably heard the term gokon (合コン).

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