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They also strayed onto 4-VEP workings, not only on Coastway services but to London as well!All were replaced by 4-VEP's by December, 4-VEP's also strayed onto 4-CAP workings, but the scheduled type is given in this timetable.This Time Table is based on the 1987/8 Passenger and Freight WTTs.

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The earliest timetable for Barnham produced so far!

Back to a era of pure steam only, the timetable is compiled from platform working and signal box documents for Barnham and Ford with locomotives allocated from information of the era.

With a total of 269 trains to handle, the signalman is kept busy! electric multiple units, while loco-hauled traffic are handled by BRCW Class 33 diesels and Class 73 Electro-Diesels A welcome addition for this popular simulation, this timetable goes back to Coronation year.

The frequent Southern Electric service was formed of an earlier generation of stock dating back to the thirties.

In most cases, expresses heading southwards to Bournemouth over the steeply-graded S&D line required double heading.

Many classes of engines could be seen, hauling coaches packed with families from the cities of the Midlands and North distant parts of Britain heading for their holiday on the south coast.

To include these services I have "moved" the junction on to the Up South line past Worting Junc and slightly amended the timings. In 1909 there was no connection via sig 239 from the GWR, the platforms being dead-end with a run around from platform 7 to platform 8.

Therefore there are no through trains depicted here via this route, it has only been used for run arounds on the Reading trains. All other locomotives for the GW shed and yards travel via platforms 5 or 4, and through freights to GW usually using platform 5.

On Summer Saturdays, freight trains were cancelled to provide paths for the numerous holiday expresses entering and leaving Green Park.

It was on these busy summer Saturdays that Bath became a "Mecca" for railway enthusiasts.

Class 1 Euston trains were Push Pull with the loco at the North end and made up from 10/11 Mk 2 coaches or 9 Mk 3 coaches plus a Driving Van Trailer. There were still some loco hauled Sleeper and Mail trains which spent time in the station in the early hours,some of which attached or detached coaches or vans.

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